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Rare Lyrics
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For most songs all the lyrics are available on the cd's or NET, but for a few of them is hard to find. HAVE FUN !

GIRL'S STORY [from Baseball Boys]

NEVER TOLD LIES [from Baseball Boys]

TINY LIGHTS [from the 45 single]

TURN AND RUN [the "original" music to "Winning It All"]

IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME [from Big Innings]

THROUGH THE YEARS [from Big Innings]

ONE HOT COUNTRY [from Big Innings]

BACK IN THE GROOVE [previously unreleased material]

HEAVEN'S LITTLE ANGEL [from Extra Innings]

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY [from Extra Innings]

THIS LOVE AFFAIR [from Any Time Now]

IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE [from Any Time Now]

RAINBOW´S END [from Any Time Now]


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