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The Outfield are a British pop rock band based in London. They began recording during the mid-1980s, and released their first album, Play Deep in 1985. The album went triple platinum in America. The Outfield are unusual for a British band in that they enjoyed commercial success in the US, but never reached the album or singles charts in their homeland. They continued to record into the early 1990s, before a hiatus during the middle of that decade. They resumed touring in 1998, and thereafter released two live albums via their web site.

Simon Dawson [drums], who played on Rockeye, would eventually become the band's official third member, returning to record an exclusive release for their fan club, entitled It Ain´t Over, then embarking on a kind of '80s revival tour. In 1998, they released Extra Innings and ANY TIME NOW ( 2004 ), which was a compilation of several songs they wrote during the '90s and the full release of “Any Time Now (2006)” to retail, which by now had 4 new tracks that were recorded since the original limited edition version came out in 2004. In addition, Immortal/ Sidewinder Records also released an acoustic rendition of “Your Love” on the “80’S HITS STRIPPED” compilation.

John Spinks recently signed a new a new publishing deal with Nettwerk Publishing. And who knows what the future holds for the Outfield, with the 25th anniversary of both the band and their breakout triple-platinum album “Play Deep” looming, the possibilities are endless.

The band release now a new studio album entitled "REPLAY" [2011]




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